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New trends in lighting and fixtures

What comes to your mind first when you start thinking about new home’s look? The basic things that come first in your mind are paint, furniture, and rugs, among others. Did you ever think about lighting for changing your home’s look? Maybe not!

Lighting is one of the most important factors that could bring huge dramatic changes in your room. Different shapes, forms, number, placement of fixtures could change the mood and environment of a room instantly. You just have to decorate your place with trendy lightings and fixtures.

Some latest lighting and fixtures are discussed below—

LED Lighting

In the modern age, LED lights are the most favourite lighting for many designers. They are small in size, light in weight, safe, long lasting, warm, energy saving and easy to install. Colourful LED lights are now used everywhere for room decoration, outdoor decoration, pool decoration, among others.

Vintage Lighting

A new home can always use a hint of something from the past as long as it is gorgeous. Vintage lighting fixtures could be the best source for past time theme from the ’50s to ‘70s. Worth combination of warm metal and glasses generates perfect lighting which is not expensive.

Pendant Lighting

One of the most interesting and unique design is a traditional element that will bring something special into your home. Pendants are the best source for this type of special lighting. Different shapes and sizes are available for decorating.

Monument Lighting

Lighting as a sculpture or monument for the home is a trendy and classy style. Making a focal point in your designs from sculpture and other artwork with light fixture is possible. This could be the best way to express your personality, style, and choices.

Nature-Inspired Lighting

Incorporating elements of nature likest one, wood, metal, glass, and leather into your home’s décor will always give your rooms a fresh feeling. When they combine with shapes and lights, it looks so trendy.

Mixed Materials Lighting

Mix metals like crystals, glass, metals, colours, glasses and finishes in light fixtures to help change the room decor and bring a life in a new and surprising way. It’s another trendy way to decorate your room that you could have never imagined before!

John Shamblin

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